VIDEO : [Wayalife’s] Brand New Jeep Gladiator – Close Up Look & First Impressions | Wayalife

Posted 7/22/2019 on Forum by Admin User wayoflife

ONE… OH… NINE!!! That’s how long it took for use to finally get our brand new 2020 Jeep JT Gladiator Rubicon – a ridiculous 109 DAYS! And the craziest part about the whole thing is – this isn’t even the Gladiator we ordered! But, I digress. The important thing is, we now have the unicorn in our possession – the mythical Jeep truck that we thought would never be made and waited almost 30 years to finally get. Today, it stands as the newest member of the WAYALIFE family and we’re super excited to have it! In this short video, you’ll get to see it up close and personal and you’ll even get to hear a few of our first impressions of it. We hope you enjoy.