1/12th Scale Wooden Willys MB

While bumbling around Etsy, we happened upon a very talented artist with an Etsy shop named KASSIANMODELS. Based in Corvara, Italy, the artist created a full scale model of a Willys MB using pine, walnut, birch, beech and pear wood.

The for sale listing states the model is equiped with some functioning features like the suspension. The Wheels and tires not only rotate, they turn with the steering. Certain parts of the model are left untreated so you can smell the fresh scent of pine.

The model is for sale as of this posting, go check it out.

1959 Jeep Ad – CJ-3B



“World’s Most Useful Vehicles

Rugged, Versitile, Dependable

Big Payload – 60% of curb weight

Optional Canvas Tops or Metal Cabs

Economical 4-cylinder Engine”

This ad from 1959 showcases the amazing CJ-3B as well as outline drawing of each vehicle in the fleet including Forward Controls, Dispatchers, Panel Deliverys and even the CJ-5 and CJ-6.