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Jeeps have been racing in some form for as long as they have been around. Many racing sanctions have Jeeps racing in them but most notably is the Jeepspeed racing series.

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Jeep® Gladiator Wins Grueling Mint 400 Desert Off-Road Race

  Published 4/21/2020 on Objects In The Mirror by Edward Cardenas, multimedia editor for FCA US Objects In The Mirror

Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing

Jeep racing takes many forms, INCLUDING downhill racing in a plastic Barbie Jeep that is trying not to fall apart the entire way!

Jeepspeed Racers Make A Big Splash At Laughlin Desert Classic

Laughlin, NV Jeepspeed racers got wet and wild when torrential rains hit the Best In The Desert series Laughlin Desert

Jeepspeed Racers Get Back To Business At Parker 425 Season Opener

Parker, AZ With the Holiday’s behind them, Jeepspeed racers began the 2020 season by giving nothing to their rivals at

Milestones Or Headstones For Jeepspeed Racers At Vegas To Reno

  Reno, NV The Best In The Desert series Vegas to Reno race, at 505 miles, is the longest offroad

Jeepspeed Racers Earned Every Mile At Silver State 300

Caliente, NV The Best in the Desert series Silver State 300 takes in some incredible country around Caliente, Nevada. Expansive

Punishing Parker Course Greets Jeepspeed Racers At Season Opener

Parker, AZ The first race of the General Tire Jeepspeed Series, presented by KMC Wheels, takes place at one of the toughest courses

Record Jeepspeed Entries At 50th Anniversary Mint 400

Las Vegas, NV The Mint 400 in Las Vegas, Nevada threw out a challenge to offroad racers, and Jeepspeed answered the

Jeepspeed Championships Decided At Pahrump 250

Jeepspeed Championships Decided At Pahrump 250 Pahrump, NV It was no surprise that the championship winners in the General Tire Jeepspeed Series,

Tonopah 250 Full Of Extremes For Jeepspeed Racers

In the few days leading up to the Best In The Desert series Tonopah 250 race in Tonopah, Nevada the

Jeepspeed – Wranglers Get All The Glory At Vegas To Reno

Wranglers Get All The Glory At Vegas To Reno Reno, NV Offroad racing is notorious for rivalries between drivers and

Jeepspeed Racers Run Wide Open At BITD Laughlin Desert Classic

Racers in the General Tire Jeepspeed Series presented by KMC Wheels had the opportunity to run wide open at the Best in the Desert series Laughlin Desert Classic in Laughlin, Nevada. Instead of the typical desert racing course, Laughlin is only 16 miles long and 90 percent is fast, graded fire roads. The race format consisted of 3 laps on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday. Winners were determined by the combined fastest times from both heats. Jeepspeed racing usually takes patience and strategy. They get plenty of challenge from their fellow competitors, but their toughest foe is typically the brutal desert terrain. At Laughlin, there were no pit stops, no strategy, and no limits. Competitors ran wide open.

Jeepspeed Racers Bust Loose At The Mint 400

Las Vegas, NV The Mint 400 race back in the 1960’s was known as one of the roughest. The race

Cherokees Sweep Season Opener In Parker

Parker, AZ The first round of six in the General Tire Jeepspeed Series presented by KMC Wheels was held in

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Jeepspeed is an off-road organization and class of racing vehicle. The Jeepspeed organization was founded by Mike Barnett and Clive Skilton in 2001 after Clive’s visit to the Dakar Rally in Africa with his son and multi-time Dakar Rally competitor, Darren Skilton,[1] with the intent to build a racing vehicle and series around the affordable and durable Jeep. Jeepspeed developed relationships with race promoters like MORE and Best in the Desert to create a five to seven race Jeepspeed racing series each season.[2] The class has since expanded into four divisions and opened up to other Jeep and Dodge vehicles [3].

Jeepspeed divisions

  • Jeepspeed Challenge – Stock Class 1700 – Production Class – is for short wheel base Jeeps with 6 Cylinder and 4 cylinder engines produced since 1984, excluding Pentastar DOHC engines and 2018 Wranglers which must run Jeepspeed Class 2700. Wheel suspension travel limited to 10″ front and 12″ rear. Maximum width 75.5″ measured at outside of tires at widest point. Max tire diameter 33″.[4]. described it was the largest grassroots racing class in America in 2008.[2]
  • Jeepspeed Cup – Intermediate Class 2700 -‘ is for Jeep and Dodge vehicles that maintain the original appearance and profile. The original bulkhead must be retained together with the original cab floor from bulkhead to rear of driver and passenger seat. Hoods and fenders may be of any material but original appearing radiator grill must be retained. Wheel suspension travel limited to 12″ front and 14″ rear. Maximum width 87″ measured at outside of tires at widest point. Max tire diameter 35″ [5]
  • Jeepspeed Outlaws – Modified Class 3700′ – The Jeepspeed Outlaws is an off road racing championship for Jeep or Dodge sport utility vehicles and light trucks that are recognizable as a Jeep or Dodge by brand grill, hood and fenders. Wheel suspension travel limited to 15″ front and 24″ rear. Maximum width 93″ measured at outside of tires at widest point. Max tire diameter 37″ [6]
  • Jeepspeed Trophy – Open Class 4700 – Class 4700 has been devised to introduce tube and custom frame Jeeps into the General Tire Desert Race Series presented by KMC Wheels. Jeepspeed Class 4700 vehicles may be combined with Class 3700 until sufficient entries in this new class. Jeepspeed Trophy Open Class 4700 will be identical to Jeepspeed Outlaws Modified Class 3700 but with following exceptions; Wheel base restricted to 119″. Front wheel travel 15″ max. Rear wheel travel open.[6]

Notable Jeepspeed teams

  • Barry Thompson
  • Billy Bunch
  • Eric Sigwing
  • Eric Helgeson
  • The Currie Family [7]
  • Ray Griffith
  • Eric Heiden
  • Tom and Mike Barnett
  • Chris Nissley
  • Dust Junkies
  • Filarski Bros
  • Bruno Zvirzin
  • Nissley Racing Team (Chris, Bill & Tom Nissley)

Notable Jeepspeed builds

  • Xtreme 4×4 Television show aired in 2006 season episode 10 titled “Jeepspeed Build” featuring the construction of a Jeepspeed race vehicle.
  • The “10 Day Jeepspeed” by Jason Lafortune and TMR crew.[8]
  • ATK Wrangler built by Jon Krellwitz and campaigned in the 3700 class (and SCORE International Class 3).[9] Also a complete build up of the vehicle from start to finish can be found on the Jeepspeed website


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