Train Wreck Destroys Dozens Of New Jeeps | Off Road Xtreme

Published on 7/12/2019 on Off Road Xtreme by Jake Headlee

On Wednesday, July 9, 2019, a Union Pacific Railroad freight train suffered a 33-car derailment. The train cars were loaded with brand new Jeep Gladiators and Wranglers as well as Silverados and Sierras.

The wreck happened about 30 miles from the Nevada-Utah border, near Caliente, Nevada. Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee confirmed the crash just after 9 am. Lee told Fox News it was the most spectacular crash he had ever seen. Lincoln County Sheriff Department‘s Facebook shared photos of the accident.

Reportedly, the train was also hauling two train cars with hazardous waste onboard. Thankfully, the hazmat tanker was not in the derailed section, though it was only 2 cars away.


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