The Jeep Gladiator Off-Road Review, Pricing, and Fuel Economy

Published 3/29/2019 on Expedition Portal by Chris Cordes

Since the official unveiling of the Gladiator last November, we have been discussing comparisons, weighing opinions, and feverishly waiting to get behind the wheel of the latest Jeep truck to see how it would stack up against the Colorado, Ranger, Tacoma, and Frontier. That opportunity finally arrived earlier this week when we set out on a rainy Northern California day to put it through its paces on bumpy highways, winding back roads, rocky trails, and muddy two tracks. In many ways, these tests confirmed our hopes that this was the ultra-capable mid-size truck we’ve been dreaming of, yet it also revealed some shortcomings we hadn’t expected, and that leaves room to question whether or not it will be crowned king of the segment. Jeep may have named this truck Gladiator to pay homage to its forebears, but it’s going to earn the title in a fight for the mid-size market.