Around the world in a Jeep

In 1975, Orvis CEO Perk Perkins and his then college roommate, Will Parish, hatched and executed a grand plan: to drive around the world in Will’s beloved red Jeep. Over the next 20 months, Perk, Will, and their trusty Jeep crossed five oceans and seas, exploring 35 countries and covering enough road-miles to circumnavigate the earth twice. In addition to cementing their relationship as lifelong best friends, the trip also generated some 2,000 pages of journal entries, which make up the text of this remarkable volume.

Illustrated by stunning full-color photographs taken by Perk, Will, and the people they encountered, this beautifully printed and bound adventure book belongs in the collection of everyone who has a yearning to explore, travel, and discover the richness our world has to offer. Travel adventure book is hardcover; 192 pages. For more information on Orvis, please visit

Images provided by All image rights reserved by Orvis.