2020 Jeep Compass High Altitude: Pros And Cons | Motor1

Published 3/30/2020 on Motor1 by Jeff Perez

A compact crossover heading in the wrong direction. Jeep has its fair share of huge successes – models like the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler, in particular, come to mind. But smooshed between the slightly larger Cherokee and pint-sized Renegade, the Compass fails to capture the same success of its larger siblings, especially in a segment teeming with much better alternatives.

Sure, we credit the Compass for using the brand’s impactful styling cues, as well as adopting the latest and greatest version of FCA’s Uconnect. And this Jeep’s trail-readiness, which easily exceeds many others in the segment, makes it a bit more appealing. But outside of that, the outdated powertrain, flimsy interior, and hefty asking price make the Compass a pretty poor options. And this one costs $38,390 as tested; it ain’t cheap.