See The [2019] Jeep Scrambler In Decent Detail In This Leaked CAD Drawing

Reported on TruckYEAH!, A Jalopnik sub-site on August 22, 2017:

Everybody must be really excited about the upcoming Jeep Scrambler pickup because leaked details are gushing out quicker than piping-hot, redolent urine from a racehorse’s majestic meatus. Don’t believe me? We just got this CAD image of the full body of the new JT Wrangler pickup.


The leak comes from a, um, connected source, and that source also tells us that if you’re hoping for a smaller, two-door version of the Scrambler… tough. It doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.

Read more about the new 2019 Jeep JT Scrambler on the TruckYEAH!/Jalopnik website.

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