Jeep, Eagle, and 4WD Vehicles: The Traction AMC Needed to Keep Going | FourWheeler

Published 3/25/2020 on FourWheeler by Jordon Scott

Steve Magnante is a hot rod historian, author, and lover of all things cars. On Roadkill‘s Junkyard Gold, he travels the country uncovering the forgotten and hidden gems of the automotive world. Subscribe to the MotorTrend App for $1 per month to start binge-watching today!

Steve Magnante is at Rambler Ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado, looking for 4-wheel-drive vehicles from American Motors Corporation (AMC). When most people familiar with the history of the American automotive industry think of AMC and 4-wheel drive (4WD), the legendary Jeep CJ-5 is the first vehicle that comes to mind. But Steve prefers more obscure vehicles, so while he is going to check out a couple of cool Jeeps at Rambler Ranch, none of them are a CJ-5. He’s also going to look at Eagle, the brand AMC created to bring affordable 4WD to the masses—and gave them the traction (pun absolutely intended) they needed to survive.

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