Posted on Four Wheeler Network on Nov 28th, 2017;

Let’s imagine for a moment that you worked for a car company and your next project was to create a new category of vehicle for management. The objective would be to build a vehicle that could traverse difficult terrain, while living daily life as a competent driver that could easily cover long distances at 80mph. To meet these objectives, this vehicle would be equipped with large all-terrain tires, high ground clearance, and a four-wheel drive system and it would also have to be comfortable and have the latest technology and safety features. Of course this would require meeting all applicable government and fuel economy standards. Oh, and did we mention it should come in two body styles, be a convertible with removable doors, and have a windshield that should be capable of folding out of the way. Sounds like a pretty absurd project and a vehicle that could never be built today, right? Yet here we are, giving you the first look at exactly this vehicle, the all-new Wrangler JL, and boy, is it good. – Shawn Holman

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