Jeep Forward Control (FC) Roundup 2016 | FourWheeler

Published on 6/5/2016 on Four Wheeler Network by Brittany Hill – Writer and Ashley Hill – Photographer

The 13th Annual FC Roundup in Phoenix, Arizona, was a festival of all things Forward Control. Imagine driving along a sunny street near downtown Phoenix and glancing to the north. If you were in the right neighborhood, you would see a beautiful historic ’20s Tudor Revival home with a wide grassy lawn. What makes you stop though is an even more rare sight. There are a dozen or more of the most unique Jeep trucks gleaming in the sun. They’re winking like Hot Tamales, Jaw Breakers, and 100 Grand bars in a candy store. Wait. Is that an ice cream truck? Jeep? Truck? It’s hot. The sun is beating down. You’re seeing things. No, you have arrived at one of Jeepdom’s best-kept little secrets: the Arizona FC Roundup. It’s an invite-only, once-a-year affair, and Jp was on hand for this very special event. We attended the 13th Annual FC Roundup hosted by Jesse Ybarra and his wife Andrea.

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